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Who We Are

Quality Formulations,
Quality Lives

Our Journey started with the aspiration for providing Quality and Affordable Lifecare through Application, Innovation and the Integration of the resources.

We have evolved from the modest start to emerge as a strong and the established player in the market with more than 10 years standing as an hard core Finished Formulations manufacturing player.

We have scaled up to developing 173 key Finished Formulations. key Finished Formulations through our consistent efforts which has helped us to achieve a sizable business volume catering our products to all the leading companies in India and overseas, virtual manufactured at various sites while in another couple of years, we plan to develop and commercialize another new molecules.

Expanding in the manufacturing capacities and capabilities will be the key Growth-Driver for us and the strategic capital investment into our manufacturing facilities at Paithan-Aurangabad is going to help us further in strengthening our journey towards operation excellence and which shall significantly contribute towards increasing the sales turnover, top line and subsequently the bottom line.


“We aspire to be a Global Leader in providing the Quality and Affordable Lifecare through Application, Innovation and the Integration of the resources.”


“To deliver best Pharmaceutical Products by listening and understanding the customers’ requirement and turning ideas into reality, confidentiality, knowledge, and expertise in the fields of the Product Development, Marketing, Industrial Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Regulatory Compliance".

Quality First
Global Standard
Research Excellence

Our journey began with a vision

Our Ideology

A vision to make a difference in healthcare by providing high-quality pharmaceutical products. Our ideology centres around three core principles:

Quality Formulations, Quality Lives

Life at Aikvera

With a strong commitment to continuous improvement, we strive to lead the pharmaceutical industry, delivering innovative solutions and driving positive change for both our team and the patients we serve.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

"In Aikvira Pharma, we prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in both our products and human resources. We are committed to developing medicines that cater to diverse patient needs while fostering an inclusive work culture where every individual's unique contributions are valued. By embracing these principles, we aim to deliver innovative healthcare solutions and ensure an empowered, inclusive workforce that reflects the richness of our global community."



Integrity is the cornerstone of our company's ethos, guiding both our products and human resources. We maintain the highest ethical standards in our product development, ensuring the safety and efficacy of every medication we provide. Likewise, our dedicated team upholds the principles of honesty, transparency, and accountability, fostering a culture of integrity that places the well-being of our patients and employees at the forefront of everything we do.


Our Leadership

Our leadership at Aikvira Pharma is driven by a relentless commitment to innovation, quality, and the pursuit of a healthier world. With a dynamic team of accomplished professionals, we bring a wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical industry to the forefront. Our visionary leaders steer the company toward breakthroughs in drug development, ensuring that our products adhere to the highest standards of safety and efficacy. Through a culture of transparency and dedication, our leadership fosters collaboration, empowering our employees to drive advancements in healthcare and meet the evolving needs of our global clientele."