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Commitment to quality and safety is not just a statement for Aikvira Pharma but it’s a guiding principle that shapes the organization's culture, processes, and relationships with stakeholders. It fosters trust among customers, employees, and the community, showcasing the organization's dedication to deliver reliable, safe, and high-quality products or services.


Discover how our innovation drives excellence in every aspect of pharmaceutical development.

Small-Sized Tablets : Aikvira Pharmaceuticals leads the way in innovation with our development of small-sized tablets. These compact yet effective dosage forms make medication administration easier and more convenient for patients.

    In-House APIs and Intermediates : We pride ourselves on our in-house capabilities for manufacturing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and intermediates. This ensures quality control, reduces costs, integrated supply chain and accelerates the drug development process.
    Intermediates and KSMs : We utilize cutting edge intermediates and Key Starting Material (KSM) technologies, resulting in efficient and sustainable production processes.
    Finished Formulations : Our commitment to innovation extends to the creation of finished formulations. We develop and refine formulations that offer improved efficacy, patient compliance, and overall pharmaceutical performance.

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Dissolution Profile : Our commitment to quality is evident in our rigorous dissolution profile testing. We ensure that our pharmaceutical APIs and finished formulations exhibit consistent and reliable dissolution characteristics, vital for accurate dosing and optimal drug performance. In which we have used Bio-Nanotechnology, to

improve upon the surface area and ultimately the Dissolution profile of Finished Formulation Improves .
Bioavailability : Maximizing bioavailability is a core objective in our formulation development. Our expert team works tirelessly to enhance the absorption and efficacy of our products, striving to optimize their therapeutic potential. By this innovative Bio- Nanotechnology techniques and research-driven strategies to create pharmaceutical solutions that deliver the highest possible bioavailability, ultimately improving patient compliance..

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Products We Offer

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