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We are Aikvira


CMO/ CDMO & Third Party Manufacturing (P2P)

Aikvira Pharmaceuticals collaborates closely with clients to bring their pharmaceutical products to market. With high level of Market Intelligence, we identify the opportunities and needs of our customers by providing End to End solutions in Formulation Development, Packaging Development, Commercial manufacturing and Technical services.

We offer our expertise in areas such as drug formulation, analytical testing, regulatory affairs, and quality control along with flexible manufacturing and packaging solutions to save our client’s valuable time and resources. These drug development projects can range from small-scale clinical trials to large-scale commercial manufacturing.

We also have the expertise & capacities to develop the product from idea to the commercial scale & getting necessary approvals from CDSCO office after doing Clinical Trials & Bio-equivalency Studies.

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Equipment & Facilities

Our Drug manufacturing Equipment and Facilities are designed to accommodate changes in production volume according to demand.

Supply Chain Management
Our reliable and robust Supply Chain is always there to help for sourcing raw materials in the required quantity.

Quality Control
We ensure that the Quality Control measures are in place at all stages of manufacturing so that the end product can meet Safety and Regulations standards.

Medication Packaging Solutions
Our unique packaging equipments and labelling systems helps us to deliver the right medicine and dose to patients at the right time while maintaining the ability to scale as production volume grows. We aim to minimize possible contamination during the transportation.